Saturday, 4 April 2009

My Background.

Okay, here goes....

I'm 26, very near 27... Been playing poker for around 8 years on and off, I've been quite high in stakes $5/$10 NL was the highest. But, being honest I soon got put in my place and promptly busted.

I am now more refined and I guess matured in my approach. Where I was once moving up to higher limits as soon as I could afford the buyin, I now incorporate BRM (Bankroll Management) into my poker.
It's a good thing, I have to say and would highly recommend before you go off looking for the 'big break' you look into this. Not everyone gets one, but you can work towards one.

I'll give a brief history of past few weeks, and post some graphs etc. Sorry the first post will be a long one, but the following ones will be no where near as long.

I started out (this time round) at Poker Strategy where they offer you a free $50 starting balance at a poker room, but you have to take a test first. click on that link to get yours.

This was bumped up a considerable bit just play $1 10 man SnG's (Sit and Goes) and the going was good. anyway, I then cashed in 3 MTT's in one day, final tables all of them.... And this boosted me to like $200. I then hit a major downswing, couldn't cash or make money playing poker at all... So basically I got pissed off, shipped all but the $50 starting balance from Titan Poker, and took $75 back to my favourite poker room Full Tilt Poker if you go there and use sign up code DANNYBONUS. you'll recieve up to $600 100% first deposit bonus, and also 27% rakeback.

This aint for advertising this blog to be honest, but if you do sign up through these links I'd appriciate it, as it will help me out.

Anyway, I'm still in the end of my downswing... Pocket Kings beaten by Pocket 2's and all that crap. But I think I'm slowly getting over the worst.

Here's my graph for this week since I switched to try and play in cash games, as it generates more rake and I always wanted to play... I've played a few Tourneys but will be mainly on the cash games now...
Oh to illistrate my downswing check this out for list of biggest losing hands!!

My images aren't showing as the right size at the minute, so if you want to see them correctly, you need to click them and the in the top left corner click
Full size.... I'll get it sorted for later posts... Sorry.

AA, KK , AK, AJ, 99, KQ..... That's the top 6 losing hands for me... Lol....

I am obviously only playing small stakes right now, as my Full Tilt BR is only $59.95.
My Titan Poker BR is $50.83

Here's how my last 3 days went....


And here's my actual stats etc...

As you can see not much profit, but if you think of the top hands I am losing with, I think I am doing well to stay even to be honest.. And I've just left the tables after losing with trip 9's and pocket kings... same table, one hand after another!!

Anyway, I'll keep you updated.... This blog will increase in structure and content, this is just the odd first post where I wasn't really sure how to start.

Oh yeah before I go I played in the $1 buyin $10,000 GTD at FTP last night... Got through the first 6,000 runners, and busted with aces in a massive 3 way preflop shove.... And ending taking $3.50.... If I had won that pot, I would of been in contention for the final table, but there you go.... I'll add some neat hand histories in all the posts after this one when I refer to specific hands, to make it clear as to what happened.

My BRM differs to that one on PS though... I use Chris Fergusons strategy as I prefer it.

I never take more than 5% of my BR to a cash table, and leave if I ever have 10% of my BR at the table.

And never use more than 2% of my BR for SnG's or MTT's.... Which limits me to $1 and below at the minute but FT has a nice range so shouldn't be a problem.

I don't combine the two BR's to make a total... So they are seperate for me....May take me twice as long I know, but I just prefer FT tbh, and I need to earn point on Titan before I withdraw the starting $50.

If you want to follow how I got to this point a bit clearer then try this My Old Blog . :)